How to use the teething necklace

▪   The amber teething necklace is designed to be worn close to the skin in order to absorb the healing oils NOT to chew.

▪   Supervise your baby at all times while wearing the amber teething necklace.

▪   The teething necklace may be worn as soon as the baby starts teething or showing any signs of pain or discomfort from teething.

▪   After a few days your child will not even notice the presence of the amber necklace.

▪   The best thing about our teething necklaces is that they look absolutely adorable on both boys and girls.

▪   They can continue to wear the teething necklace until all 20 milk teeth have cut and many wear it for years onward to continue benefiting from the natural healing oils produced by the amber.

At night time you may wish to use a baby amber teething bracelet. Check our other listings for these amber teething bracelets. If you don't have a teething bracelet you may want to move the necklace around your baby's ankle or wrist and cover with your baby's clothing.