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Interesting Facts About Baltic Amber

Baltic amber is found in the Baltic region of northern Europe and this variety of amber accounts for approximately 80%-90% of the world's supply. Amber from the Baltic Sea region contains the highest level of succinic acid, and therefore is considered to be the highest quality amber you can find. 
Baltic amber is lighter than gemstones or metal. It is actually less dense than saltwater, which allows it to float and move easily from place to place along a seacoast. Large pieces of this material are comfortable to wear; its light weight also makes it easy for jewelry makers to cut and shape it into finished pieces.
Baltic amber is used in various forms of jewelry, including bracelets, necklaces, rings, pendants, bead work and earrings. For centuries, it has also been used for pipe stems and cigarette holders. Sculptors have worked amber into figurines, decorative cups, picture frames, a model ship and church altars. Baltic amber has even been used to decorate the walls of an entire room.