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We sell Baltic amber teething necklaces and other Natural Baltic amber jewelry.  Also we supply our amber jewelry for wholesale .

At our Baltic Amber jewelry store you can find your exclusive piece of Baltic amber jewelry, which will be made from highest quality natural Baltic amber beads.

Since remote times, the beauty of Baltic amber was attracting attention. Amber jewelry is a treasure to own, for centuries was worn only by nobility and not affordable to the masses. Amber jewelry is fashionable and soaring in popularity even today. Amber jewelry balances person's mood, pleases the eye, lessens depression.

Because amber was ascribed many healing properties it came to be used medicinally in many cultures. Wearing close to the skin is a traditional European remedy for teething. Its healing properties effects will calm your child without applying to drugs. Most of our amber teething necklaces are processed to softly rounded shape amber beads to keep intense healing effects to reduce stress but give general sense of wellness.
Baltic amber is an excellent natural antibiotic. Women suffering from goiter uses unpolished natural raw pieces of amber to wear close to neck. Amber stone produces positive effect on the heart, nervous system and the kidneys.

More about amber...

Amber, found on the Baltic Sea shores, was and is highly treasured and is the national gem of Lithuania. It is a fossil resin which came from the sap of several varieties of pines. It is believed, that about 60 million years ago, these pines grew in the subtropical forest in the present location of the Baltic Sea. For unknown reasons these pines produced excessive amounts of sap. The overproduction may have been nature's method of healing natural injuries caused by storms, lightning, pests and diseases, or perhaps it was caused by a sudden change of climate. Sap dropped to the forest ground, was embedded into the local sediments, compressed by the overlying deposits, and in time became fossilized. Numerous fragments of both plant and animal life were trapped in the sticky sap and thereby preserved. These inclusions make it possible to identify the plants and animal life of the period.

Large pieces of good quality are used as gems. Amber jewelry has been worn for many centuries, especially with Lithuanian national costume, and it continues to be popular today. Personal ornaments made from amber include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earings, rings, cuff links, and hair ornaments.

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